Buying a car … a piece of cake

Purchase off-road car Today, we would like to share our history of choosing and buying an off-road vehicle with you. We choose Toyota Land Cruiser, but it was not so obvious at first. Let’s [...]

What clothes wears chef

What is the chef wearing? In our Drivenfar team, Grzesiek is the cook. His duties include provisioning of the entire food before and cooking during the trip. It is important to him that during [...]

Top 10 clothes on the trip

Top 10 clothes Have you ever wondered what clothes take with you on your trip? We also had such dilemmas for many years that is way we would like to share with you what clothes in our opinion are [...]

Vaccinations before the start – the...

Another Pharma – Project are vaccinations. Some of us are don’t have any tests, the last time they saw a syringe in primary school 30 years ago. One of our 9 has explored this topic very [...]

The working president can also go on an...

Can the president of a large company go on holidays? Maybe and should do it. It may seem that, if the family has already accepted, only work remains. The problem is just that … Problems [...]

From what equipment start travels

From what equipment start travels? Generally, there is no rule from which equipment to start traveling around the world. We started our adventure with the cheapest tent from the sports store. [...]

You can change your life. You can travel.

You can change your life. You can travel. Your daily ritual. I get up in the morning is dark and cold, no wonder the end of winter. The rest of the house is still asleep. I go to the bakery for [...]

Food on the trip

Purchase of food On expeditions those closer and far away should properly provision. We avoid food with a short expiry date, requiring storage at low temperatures. It is not worth taking a [...]


Personal hygiene on the expedition. Maybe some of you are wondering how it is, for few or several days to travel and do not use the bathroom. Is it possible? And what about dirty clothes? How to [...]

Funds !

Funds! Let’s talk about problem that afflicts each one of us, in other words, where do we get funds for traveling. From the beginning of our trips, we have been struggling with the problem [...]

Medical examinations before the start –...

Medical examinations before the start – the last bell before the holidays… Have left only a few weeks to start The Round The World project. The first stage Warsaw-Tokyo. I front of us a few [...]

5 Things that are not useful on trips

Four things unnecessary on the trip plus cash Always before leaving, we are wondering what else to take with us. Will things that we choose be needed for sure? Often happened that we take things [...]