What are the roads in Russia – a few...

What are the roads in Russia – a few myths about unavailability Most people who have never been in Russia think that the further away from Moscow, the fewer roads and as they are only for [...]

Professional work on the expedition –...

Professional work on the expedition – four principles of working travelers – amateurs.   As far as I can remember, whoever I talk to about traveling, there is always one major [...]


10 THOUSAND KILOMETERS IN 14 DAYS In the end, we lived to see each other. We’re driving cars to Japan. Do we know what awaits us? You definitely never know what to expect from places [...]


Goodbye Japan! We are in Tokyo! We have reached our goal and we can finally relax because we arrived on time. Now we just have to prepare the cars for their trip back home. Our plane leaves [...]

Honshu: Sakaiminato – Hiroshima

Sakaiminato After spending two days on the ferry, we reached the port of Sakaminato on Honshu Island. The first place we decided to visit was the fish market. Surprisingly, the prices were [...]

One world, one life, one passion.

We raeched Vladivostok After two weeks spent in our cars and over 11,000 km we finally arrived to Vladivostok, and to the ferry. The cars are already on board of the ship, and in a few hours we [...]

The night at Khanka lake

The night at Khanka lake We spent the night by the lake Khanka, located on the border between Russia and China, 200 km north of Vladivostok. There is a ferry waiting for us in Vladivostok, on [...]


On our way to Irkutsk, we visited Polish village located on the Ida river. Wierszyna has about 500 inhabitants. It is a village founded in 1910 by voluntary emigrants from Poland. Residents of [...]


Novosibirsk   Monday morning greeted us with a heavy mist, from which emerged more and more wild landscape of Siberia. In the morning, the time difference between us and Poland increased to [...]

Battle with time

Battle with time Saturday was relatively calm and we focused on regaining our strength. We only covered a distance of 400km. On the map we found a lake, which turned out to be a huge swamp with [...]

We don’t have a car-boat

We don’t have a car-boat The weather is much nicer now, although it still does not exceed 15 degrees Celcius. We are also now surrounded by much more beautiful landscapes; the scenery [...]

First days

The route is more demanding than we expected. In Tatarstan, the roads are very winding, with poor surface. Fortunately, we didn’t have any accidents, and our moods are good. A fuel tank with a [...]

Prepared for everything

Prepared for everything   During such a long and demanding trip as ours, it is important to eat healthy food in regular intervals to not lose our strength and not get sick. One of our [...]

We are preparing to leave

We are preparing to leave We are preparing to leave. We pack the most-needed devices. You never know what may be needed during such a long journey. We must be ready for everything. We have the [...]

And what will people say …?

And what will people say …?   Travels, journeys, time of challenges and other kind of struggles with reality around us has always been and will be in the dream zone for many people. Regardless of [...]

How to find time to travel with full time job

How do you find time to travel with working full job? – it is really possible Everyone works somewhere and also has a lot of everyday duties. Work, home, family, children and work again. [...]

Travel accidents

Travel accidents – is this the end of the adventure? Traveling around the world means thousands or even tens of thousands kilometers away from home. Traveling with DRIVENFAR is also [...]

Why off-road vehicle

DRIVENFAR – why the best to travel is off-road vehicle? We started our journeys from traveling the countries of the north. The destination point on Nordkapp through Peterek and Murmansk [...]

Expedition – only evil for the family

And what about family? Beloved, is the trip is bad for the family and relatives that we leave at home? It is hard to honestly answer on this question considering all aspects of this state of [...]

TOP 5 favorite and useful gadgets

TOP 5 favorite and useful gadgets The subject of the following text will not be presenting super sophisticated and expensive gadgets, but showing those that have been with us for years. It is [...]