An uninvited guest, a stowaway passenger – what to do with it? – do not forget about him!

A stowaway passenger is not only about expeditions. It is an inseparable partner in both destiny and misery. Whether you are on an expedition or on a vacation, whether you are climbing or cycling. You can be in the desert or on the glacier, but it is always a partner who will never let you down. Persevere with you wherever you go. What’s more, it accompanies you every day.

You can fight him, but in the 21st century, you can say you are doomed to him. The question is one and it is very important – How do you deal with it!

Do you pretend you do not have it?

Do you see, but you do not notice?

Are you really aware of it at all?

An inseparable element of man nowadays. Your companion and the biggest enemy at the same time.


 I do not engage in motivational or moralizing talk here. It is a simple reflection of the person who moved a few kilometers left and right. There are places where there are so few people that littering is not so huge. However, where there is a human being and rubbish.


How do we deal with trash during expeditions.  

  1. I abandon the “passenger” – well, I would like to congratulate you on the idea. I do not even comment on this solution
  2. Bury – you’re kidding!
  3. Fire – you are sitting at the burning bonfire, only the unfortunate “passenger” packed up. Fast thinking of some – I will burn!

On the one hand, it is the first sign that you are thinking what to do with them – great! But the burning is doomed to failure. Even if some papers are burned, some will fly away. Plastics will melt and smelly to form a sooty pile. Generally, the burning of rubbish badly testifies to the ecological culture of the traveler.

  1. TAKE IT WITH YOU !! you probably did not expect any spells here …

I brought 3 papers and two bottles = I will take 3 papers and two bottles

not half, not almost everything. 100% is 100%!


No. Do not expect here some super secret information from “quantum physics”. Garbage does not disappear by itself!

For this reason, we gave up one-off plates. For us, washing = less junk = fewer problems = caring for the environment.

Looking at the photos on the blog and website, you can often see a large sack on the roof or on the lid of one of the cars. It’s not a secret what’s in it – it’s just junk that we carry with us until we find a container. Sometimes we can not part. Sometimes 2 hours and sometimes 2 days. It does not matter because when we leave the campsite, the place has to be clean. Often we leave more order than we have found and everyone takes their companion with them. We blow it up with the first opportunity (in a place dedicated to it, obviously). We do not leave it in the forest, on the meadow or the bank of the river.

It turns out that our “stowaway” is visiting a lot of the world.

It often crosses borders and even continents but most importantly, it goes to the right place and the path we have overcome does not betray our stay.

As the Russians describe it..

 Now looking at all the pictures above you will pay attention to the mysterious black or blue sack – this is our stowaway passenger.

Let us respect the principle


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