Dear guests.

For the last three days at the World Travel Show we met a lot of interesting people who love traveling, many people who would like to try to travel and a lot of people who with great interest asked us “what we sell?” 🙂

We did not sell anything … except the idea that anyone can travel because we really believe in it! We know what we started with and we remember about it. We talked about us during the presentation and later many, many times in conversations with our wonderful guests. Some of them came to meet us specially! Incredible.

We worked very hard … but it was worth it.

During these few days:

1. We learned that we can be an inspiration for others. Cool but also responsibly. We will try to stick to the level.

2. We received the award for the WTS 2018 Market Debut. 👍 This is very important to us. This will always be our first prize.

3. We met bloggers known to all of Poland. We know why – they are simply extremely professional and they do great things, and queues for autographs are endless because they inspire thousands of people.
But for us, it’s just great people. Open and very contact. We met Karol and Ola with Busem przez Świat – Bus Around The World and from them we quietly learn to look for the expression of their travel identity. There is still a long way to go but Karol and Ola remained quite normal despite their great success. This is a good prognosis for us

4. We had a chance to show our sponsors that this project is developing … that we are “from flesh and blood” and proudly go together around the world. We want them to see passionate people in this project and ourselves … because it’s true. Some of us visited and talked great!

5. We could meet our families again. There is a lot of us and it is rare that we can see such a wide group. These kids running around are the whole taste of life 😄
Our other halves give us great support from the beginning of the drivenfar project and it is thanks to them that ideas such as fairs can be delivered 👏👏👏👏

… but above all, we value our visitors who took part in the competition because that means they really wanted to go on an expedition with us! Wow! We respect it very much. It could have won 6 people but we treat each proposal as a sign of acceptance and respect for what we do. We will draw on it for a long time. Thanks.

Thank you to everyone who sees something of interest in us and those who believe in us and take care of us for further work. We do not cease to be ordinary and we are starting to organize an antipodal journey on the Canning Stock Route ☀️🇳🇿
Maybe someday we’ll have a chance to tell it again …

See you later!

Szymon, Łazar, Rajek, Królik, Wytryk, Wojtek, Misiek, Tomek, Grześ.

We invited you in front of the fair:
We cordially invite you to the World Travel Show, where we have the honor to participate.

Come to our camp!

Get to know our project and join our fans in social media. We will fill in a coupon that will take part in the draw for one of the six prizes on Sunday, 21/10/2018.

To win 6 seats for the Weekend Dream Trip with our participation.

We will take the winners on Saturday, 8 December, 2018 at 10.00 from the center of Warsaw and together we will drive about 100 km for two days of forest wandering with our cars, which we are currently traveling around the world. We plan to learn how to drive in the field, crossings, use raids, winches, belts, ropes, tapes and kinetics. In the meantime, we will come up with something for dinner, and in the evening dinner with a bonfire and, of course, sleeping in tents on the roof. We hope that it will be snow and frost, but do not worry, we can do it! On Sunday, driving on a roadbook along forest and gravel roads, elements of the crossing and return to the center of Warsaw at 18.00. Such off-road ABCs in winter scenery and harsh conditions.
You do not have to be able to do anything, all you need or want to try! At the end you will also get some amazing photos from us as you are in action.

The bravest participant or participant will get from us our place to publish an article describing this adventure on our blog … and it will be on the web forever …

details of the contest are available in the “competition regulations” for downloading TUTAJ

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